Can I drop-in whenever I want?

You can come any time during open gym hours; however it is best that you come when there are no classes happening so you get maximum gym use. Classes have priority with equipment and rigs. Hours are 11am – 8pm Monday through Friday, 10am – 5pm Saturday and 11am – 5pm Sunday. Please reserve an open gym spot so we can ensure you get the best  gym experience possible.

How old do kids need to be for open gym?

Kids of all ages are welcome. Younger kids can play in our pups room provided there is no class going on. Kids under 10 years of age must have a guardian on site during open gym and kids under 7 must have a guardian on site during class time.

What do I need to do before coming?

It’s best if you register and sign all the paperwork in our Zen Planner portal before coming to the gym. And if you have any concerns about your ability to participate due to health concerns, please see a qualified professional first.

What do I need to bring?

Indoor shoes only for the gym area, a water bottle and comfortable workout clothes. Please remove jewelry, rings and anything else that might get hooked on the equipment and leave them at home with the rest of your valuables. We are also a loose chalk-free gym. You may bring a chalk ball, so long as it stays inside it’s bag.

When do I need to RSVP for a class or personal training session… or cancel it?

We suggest you RSVP as far in advance as possible. Personal training sessions and parties must be canceled with at least 24 hours notice.

What if I want to stay after my class for open gym?

We have a special add on price for post class open gym of $15. You can also buy an unlimited access membership and then of course, it’s included.

Can I play in the gym during my kids party?

Absolutely. But everyone who uses the equipment must sign a waiver and is included in the 8 person total. If you have additional people, that’s no problem, we can add them for a small fee.

How do the parents of my under-age guests sign waivers for my child’s party?

The Party host has been sent a link to the waiver’s to email out to all guest.