Open gym time can be reserved:

**Classes may be scheduled outside these hours

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 11am – 9pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 4pm-9pm
(8-9 pm is reserved for ages 18 and up)

Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 5pm


If slots are not showing, they have been removed as the gym is full.



The Band System

The gym is divided into 3 areas and we now have a band system in place to ensure each athlete has use of the appropriate area.

1.)ninja gym vancouver Fundamentals Rig, Turf and Training Area – there are no band requirements to use these areas. However, classes have priority.

2.) Intermediate & Advanced Area – Red Bands have use of the Side-by-Side and Time Trial rigs, as well as the 10′ warped wall.

3.) Salmon Ladders, High Ropes and 12/14′ Warped Walls – these obstacles are black band only. If using climbing ropes you must stay below the level of the rig and use a mat.

Red Band Level

ninja gym vancouver

To achieve Red Band status, you must:

-Complete both warped walls in Fundamentals Area

-Safely run down 10′ warped wall

-Complete the entire time trial or intermediate lane with control


Black Band Level


To achieve Black Band status, you must:

-Run the 10′ warped wall 5 times cleanly

-Complete the entire time advanced lane with control

-Do 10x bar hops with good form


Open Gym Rules


-Indoor shoes only. Please bring a pair of shoes that have not been worn outside.

-Please do not walk or hang out under the rigs. You should start at the beginning and work your way down the line. If you fall off, please quickly return to the beginning of the rig to start over.

-Feel free to use the boxes, balance beams, etc. to create a fun circuit. However, please put everything back where you got it.

-Do not climb up the ladders to the warped walls.

-Look around – please make sure to respect other peoples workouts.

-Make sure to do a proper warm-up and stretch your calves before using the warped walls.

-With all obstacles, work your way up safely and gradually.

-Please bring any issues where you feel safety might be compromised to staff’s attention immediately.

Please see the FAQs page for additional info.