Dave K

I started training with Alli about 3 years ago, loved it! After the first workout, I could hardly lift my arms above my shoulders. Two years later, and 30 pounds lighter, she talked me into my first obstacle course race. I joined the team for the Vancouver Spartan sprint. For my first race ever, I placed first in my age category. A month later, participated in the Whistler Tough Mudder. I couldn’t have done it without the training from Alli, and Van City OCR.


Dave M

Whether you’re thinking about attempting your first OCR, or you’re already an accomplished racer, Alli and John are the ideal coaches.  They dragged me from being a miserable couch potato to become a marathoner, and a Spartan Ultra Beast participant in the blink of an eye.  It’s rare to find a group outside of your home where you feel so comfortable and welcome.  John, Alli, and the rest of the group members give me the moral, physical, and technical support to be the best athlete I can be. They’re impressively knowledgeable and very encouraging.  They’ll push you if you need a push, but pull you back if you’re overdoing it.  The supportive family atmosphere they create make me look forward to every training session with excited anticipation….  But my favourite reason for being with John and Alli is that they don’t instruct from the sidelines.  They train and race with you.  I recommend them to anyone interested in improving their strength, stamina, general fitness, mental health, confidence, social life, and shiny race medal collection.

Simply put, my life is significantly happier and healthier because of Allison and John.  They are innovative and informed coaches who support the whole person.  I recommend them without hesitation to both aspiring and experienced athletes searching to achieve goals or improve their overall quality of life.
I started obstacle course racing couple years ago. It was just for fun and to keep me motivated but unfortunately I had a lot of difficulty with most of the obstacles. I decided to sign up for training sessions with Allison Tai at Vancity OCR. Alli was a great motivator and had so many different techniques to meet everyone’s individual needs. Although the workouts are tough, Alli makes them fun as well. Since joining Vancity OCR I feel that my personal boundaries have been pushed to new heights. For the first time ever I was able to complete the “rope climb” at a Spartan Race not to mention being able to tackle many other obstacles thanks to the training from Vancity OCR. Besides the incredible training I have also met some really awesome people through Vancity OCR. It has become such an amazing community of people who are not only there to train but to also help motivate and support each other.
I have been attending Allison Tai’s OCR Fit on Monday nights for almost five years and I love it! The blend of strength and cardio in the workout is the perfect combination for when I’m training for a run, triathlon or OCR – and it keeps me fit during the off season as well. Allison will provide alternative exercises, as needed, for any injuries or physical limitations a person might have. The workout is never the same twice and the people are fun! It’s always a great start to my week.
I was introduced to Allison Tai and the world of Obstacle Course Racing a few months before participating in the Tough Mudder, which I originally signed up for to tick off my “bucket list” before a milestone birthday.  After doing some training with Allison, my “bucket list” intention quickly changed to much more.  Allison’s passion and enthusiasm for what she does is contagious; she is very encouraging, and gets you to see your own potential.  Training sessions with Allison make the impossible seem possible, the scary less scary and the tough stuff fun.  Through Allison, I have been given the opportunity to meet people from the OCR world.  I was greeted and welcomed without judgement.  When you do well everyone celebrates in your success.  When you fall everyone helps lift you up.  It is an amazing feeling and great to have become a part of this community.